The Mighty Has Fallen

Supervising Tree Cutting

Supervising Tree Cutting

A few weeks ago we had an old, huge oak tree cut down by a tree company.  We needed to hire someone since the tree was so big and needed to be brought down without hitting the garden’s raised beds nor the new garden shed.  We had known for a couple years that it was going to have to be cut down, as it was diseased.  Downside, we paid someone to do it.  Upside, not a limb or branch or leaves fell into the garden beds nor on the roof of the shed and we have all that wood.  Of course, the area has to be cleared of the leaves and small branches and wood has to be split and stacked.  Mr. Blue Eyes and our visiting daughter went out back to assess the situation and saw a diamondback snake traveling through the brush, so we ordered some rattlesnake chaps, from Amazon, for him before he started cleaning it all up.  The chaps came and the cleanup has begun.  He’s now ready to start splitting the trunk pieces and a friend is coming tomorrow with his log splitter.  Yah!  We are planning to put a wood burner insert into our fireplace, so we’ll be putting that wood to good use after it has seasoned.

He spent yesterday splitting those huge pieces with the friend with the log splitter and they still have much more of those pieces to do.  They really had to wrestle and work hard at getting those pieces onto the splitter.  They quit for the day when it got dark.

Today he is out there putting yesterday’s splits in the new wood pile and splitting a few of the really large splits.  He’ll sleep well tonight, too.


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