I’m Back!


I know, I know.  I’ve been MIA for a few days.  I have been under the weather during those days.  I have done a few things during that time; but, basically I’ve really not done very much.

We made homemade pizza the other night.  I used a new dough recipe and followed the directions.  It turned out OK; but, next time I will cut the baking time a bit and if that doesn’t solve the problem I will decrease the oven temperature.  Maybe I should just decrease the oven temp first and watch it to see if I can adjust the baking time,  That is probably what I will do.  The crust was just a bit too brown for my taste.  Mr. Blue Eyes thought it was good as it was and I thought it too done.  Our home canned pizza sauce saved it since it is so good.  I will not post the recipe for the crust until I do some adjusting and we both like the results.  I forgot to take photos, again.  I will try it again and take those photos.

Mr. Blue Eyes is trying to figure out some new storage shelves for the pantry.  Can’t quite fit all the home canned goods in there.  And I still want to try my hand at pressure canning some beef, pork, and chicken.  He keeps telling me how good and tender his mother’s beef and pork were.  I think it would be a convenience when we forget to get something out of the freezer.

I have some greenhouse chores to do and won’t have time tomorrow.  I have an appointment in the morning and a haircut appointment in the afternoon.  Thank goodness for the hair cut appointment!  I really need that haircut, I’ve been having bad hair days too many of the those these last couple weeks.    Maybe I will get out to the greenhouse on  Wednesday. I have some repotting to do and want to plant some more onions, spinach, Swiss Chard, and carrots.   We have carrots, onions, lettuce, Arugula and escarole growing out there already.  Our fall garden is still looking good with kale, collards, carrots, beets, parsnips, Pok Choi, and cabbage.  Everything else has given up the ghost.  Of course, some of the herbs will do fine like the rosemary and  thyme.  We moved cilantro and parsley into the greenhouse, as well.


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