Affiliate Partners


I do have several affiliate partners and will sometimes post a special offer, a free book for Kindle readers, or a product that you can purchase. You are able to click on an image or a link, on my blog, that will take you to that company’s site, where you may read or see product details. pricing, shipping, etc. You may order your item right on the company page or website, then they (the company) will have your order and payment information and the company will proceed with your order. After your order is processed, that affiliate partner will send me a small commission for advertising their product on my blog.

I will occasionally endorse or offer pros and/or cons on a product, available for purchase, that I personally own, have used, or have seen one of my personal friends use. This will be my opinion, no one else’s, and I do not get compensation for endorsing any product; therefore, will not influence my opinion.

My hope is that you will choose to order items via my page as any commission earned will support my blog and perhaps allow me to purchase other items that I might wish to review and possibly endorse. Thank you for clicking on images and links on my blog or my facebook page to order the item through the company. I appreciate you and all my readers. Some of my present affiliate partners: Amazon, Rose Mountain Herbs, various eBook authors, and I am adding others in the near future.


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