Black Friday


Were you out shopping among the masses for deals and door busters? If you were, I hope you found your items and got them at a good price. I am not knocking any of the Black Friday shoppers, at all. I’m just not one of them. We used to shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving; but, then it was just the Friday after Thanksgiving. The stores were crowded with shoppers; but, no one was fighting for merchandise or any of the other things that have been shown on TV the last several years. It just looks too crazy for me and I’m not ever going to camp out to save my place in line to get through the door first for the door busters, no matter how good the deal. We have become more online window shoppers this weekend and then shop locally if we can. Oh, I admit, we do sometimes order online to get the best price and for items we can’t find locally. It happens sometimes.

Do you ask for Christmas wish lists? I do, I want to give folks what they are wanting, it might be something that I had not thought of giving them, etc. I think it makes giving so much easier. Now, it certainly doesn’t mean that they get all items on their list or I may get a good idea for something else that I know they would like just as well. We have a budgeted amount to spend and really don’t spend more than that. We also save to pay cash for shopping.

I spent the day by the cozy fire and just relaxed and was on the computer to accomplish some daily goals. Mr. Blue Eyes worked on his wood project in the back. He split most of the remaining logs and stacked a good bit of it in the new, to be seasoned area of the wood pile. It had been too cold and rainy to do outside work the past several days, so it continues. He really wants to get that chore done over this weekend so that he can move on to other projects or chores before winter arrives. There are a lot of leaves to blow back to the area where we are going to compost them with used coffee grounds, some pruning of the berry vines and ornamental shrubs, and finish putting the garden beds to bed for winter. Then he will work inside at finishing some of our renovations and putting down the wooden flooring in the kitchen and living room. We (actually he) has taken up the carpeting in the master bedroom and one of the guest rooms and discovered wonderful oak hardwood floors. They do need sanding and staining; but, worth it for the cost savings. He pulled up a bit of carpeting in the other guest room/stitching room and confirmed that we have the same flooring in there. Now, there is no hardwood in the living room, den, or kitchen, so we will have to do those floors. The nice thing is that we have all the flooring needed stacked in the sunroom. That’s where the tiles for the kitchen backsplash are stored. I keep telling myself “someday it will all be finished. There is still no mantle over the fireplace since it was torn off to install drywall after the paneling was removed. I am still trying to be patient, some days are harder than others. I’ve lived with unfinished projects for a long time now and am just hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There will be photos of finishes as they are done. Pray for patience for me, please.

I think I might bake some bread tomorrow. Yummy!


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