Happy Day! Happy Dance!


Celebrate with me or with us and do a little happy dance.  Mr. Blue Eyes has finished the wood project.  Yay for him.  The weather, rain and  extreme cold, friend’s agenda and bad back, as well as extreme hardness of the red oak, etc. all worked against him.  He has finished and hauled the log splitter back to friend’s home.  Clean up and moving it to the log stack took a day or so, as well.  We’ve been having a nice fire in the late afternoons and evenings with stacked wood from last year’s harvest since it has been so cold lately.

Mr. Blue Eyes is working in our bedroom painting the ceiling and walls and removing the carpet, under the carpet he discovered oak hardwood.  It is in good condition; but, does need to be sanded and refinished with a darker color.  I am so very glad to have carpet out of 2 bedrooms, the hallway, dining room, and little den.  Still need to remove it from 1 bedroom, living room, and possibly the sunroom.  Haven’t decided on what type of flooring to use in the sunroom.  The carpet needs pulled up and then some type of flooring to replace it.

Right now my hope is to get our bedroom painted and GET THE BR FURNITURE OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM!!!!!!!  I want to put our Christmas tree up and decorated, as well put up Christmas decorations.  We don’t do a lot of decorating, we both prefer older type decorations and not too many.  I have some things items that I would like to declutter from the attic.  I will offer them to our daughter and daughters in law, whom I think of as daughters.  I know that they are not going to want all that I want out of here and what they don’t want will go to a consignment shop.

The fire is dying and my eyelids are getting heavier by the minute, so I’m off the computer.

Good night everyone and sleep well.


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