Busy Weekend for Some


There have probably been some of you folks who have been scurrying around with shopping, finishing handmade gifts, and/or your usual chores around the homestead and house.  I’m hoping that you got to scratch off some of the items on your to do for today.  It is such a busy time of the year, especially with livestock to tend and finish winterizing them.  Those who live in cold and snowy areas are finished with that, I suppose.

Somehow, we really haven’t done much for Christmas yet.  Mr. Blue Eyes has set some goals and deadlines for himself to finish some inside projects before Christmas like painting the living room!  He filled some nail holes and primed the walls so that he can paint tomorrow.  Thank goodness he needed more primer and had it tinted the same as the paint, that will hopefully mean only 1 coat of paint.  We will see.  Send good thoughts our ways, please.  He’s debating what to do next, remove the carpet in there and try to get the flooring down in there or paint the last bedroom and remove the carpet in there.  As much as I would like to have the new floor in the living room, I think removing the carpet and painting in that 3rd bedroom might be better time wise and we could pull the Christmas tree, ornaments, and such from the attic.  I could work on the decorating while he is struggling with the carpet removal and then painting.  We still need to finish up our shopping and baking.    I am not going to be able to do nearly as much baking this year as I usually do.

Just not much energy right now.  My anemia has reared its ugly head and needed 2 blood transfusions yesterday.  I feel somewhat better today, not as much shortness of breath and I feel a bit stronger and feel as if I can do a little more.

Just when it looks as if Mr. Blue Eyes can get out to the leaves, the silly lawn mower decided not to run.  It’s old and tired, I guess.  He’ll need to tinker with it to get it running again so that he can cut up the leaves to make a leaf compost.  We were hoping to make it until mowers and such go on sale to buy one.  Hope he gets it running again long enough for the leaf project, at least.

So, what kind of cookies are your favorite to make for Christmas?  I’m trying to decide which to bake.  Mr. Blue Eyes really likes pumpkin with chocolate chips- they are a definite and I think pecan tartlets, sugar cookie cut outs, and something chocolate.  Oh, I almost forgot, he wants us to make pizelles, they’re easy and it’s a sit down job.  We have to have kolache, so I may not do the sugar cookies.  I think I wil scratch the something chocolate cookie and do a small gingerbread muffin instead.  That will work and can be served with breakfast the next day.  We will be hosting our favorite (and only) daughter and our favorite (also only) son in law, from Atlanta, GA  for the Christmas holidays.  I’m trying to make this as stress free as I can.  One of our sons and family will be coming for the day on Christmas.  They usually come around noonish, we eat Christmas lunch around 1:00 , so the little ones don’t get too hungry and cranky, then we open gifts.  It will be a fun and busy day, to say the least.  All of us agreed that dinner would be here so that I can retreat and rest when the need arises.

Well, I think I have decided on my baking menu and will start to work on the dinner menu after speaking with my daughter and daughter in law.  Our other son and family won’t be here, though.  With children in different schools, work and vacation schedules, and travel concerns coming through the mountains in a snowstorm, it just doesn’t seem feasible at this time.  Too many winter storms and crazy weather happening.

Y’all have a good evening and sleep warm and tight!


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