Last days to finish Christmas preparations


We finished our two big goals for the day!!  Finished up our gift shopping earlier in the day, then went for lunch, and did our grocery shopping.  I don’t intend to go out shopping again before Christmas.  Anything we might think that we need, Mr. Blue Eyes will venture out to the jungle.  I’m exhausted, even though I was in my wheelchair during all this.  Getting up, standing, reaching, and holding items to look at construction, quality, and sizing wear me out and I don’t like shopping in stores very much. Plus, I was pushing the cart while Mr. Blue Eyes pushed the wheelchair.

Tomorrow we will put he tree up and do some decorating.  We had to wait for the living room to be finished and the furniture to be put into place, etc.  Now we have room to bring down the boxes from the attic.  I am eager to get this all done.  Then I think we may get some gifts wrapped and while he is continuing that project, I will get some cards ready to mail.  I have some seed trades to get ready for the mail, as well.  Wish us luck or say a prayer that we get these projects completed so I can do some baking.

Off to bed.  Good night.


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