It’s almost here!! Merry Christas!


I may not make it back for a couple days.  I am trying to finish up Christmas preparations and I won’t be able to take much time for the computer tomorrow.  We have houseguests coming tomorrow and then the family will be here for Christmas day and for dinner.  This is unusual for me; but, I have no idea what the menu will be.  My daughter will be making something vegetable and my daughter in law will bring a vegetable side and whatever else they all have planned.  We are doing the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.  I think I may bake banana bread tomorrow and need to bake something with pumpkin as our son in law really likes pies and I won’t have any here.  Wouldn’t want him to starve, now, would I?  He’s a decent chap, so we’ll feed him.  LOL.  I think Heather, our daughter, will bring a Honey Baked Ham, she usually does and I love them.  They are a good break from turkey one evening.  We won’t have much turkey left after some goes home with our son and daughter in law.  We’ll see.  Sometimes our son smokes a turkey breast for them to have at home.

Christmas will be fun.  I really enjoy seeing some or all of our adult children interact.  Don’t you, if you have adult kiddos?  And; of course, the grandchildren are wonderful to have around.  They just returned from a trip to TN and went to the aquarium and Pigeon Forge where they got cowboy and cowgirl boots and hats.  They will have lots to share with us, so looking forward to that.  Our older son is coming down after Christmas for a few days.  The OH grandchildren are a bit older than the NC grands.  Just enough that it is always interesting to see what their  interests are.  The older grandson is now 13, and the twins are 11.  So fun to spend time with them.  I love them at every stage; but, am looking forward to the next stages and I am actually looking forward to seeing them as adults.  Not wishing their years away, just looking forward to the future.

Well, my friends, I am hoping that you, your family unit, and extended family a very Merry Christmas.  May you see hope in the future and feel the Peace that the gift of the birth of Jesus brought to us.

Peace, Hope, Love to all y’all,



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