New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year!


Just a short note for the day. Guess who got a couple pieces of cast iron cookware for Christmas. I love it for the non-stick qualities of good seasoned cast iron and for the health benefits of using it. I had a small oval baking pan and a 4 quart Dutch Oven on my list of wishes, along with a good sturdy stainless steel off set turner or pancake flipper to use with my existing collection of skillets, griddle, panini press, and larger Dutch Oven. I also got a wonderful lid lifter that will make cooking in the fireplace or a campfire much easier. I think I will really like it as it is much sturdier and safer than a stick! I am going to work with both these items as well as my other cast iron cookware and try some recipes and come up with my own recipes.  Then I will do a series of posts on care and seasoning as well as cooking with cast iron.

I am looking forward to it and hope you are too. Cast Iron


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