Is It Spring Yet?


I’m working on the blog, not publishing much; because I am working out some quirks. Anyway, The Farmer has been out getting some of the raised beds ready and asking where I want some new beds. We were out there making some decisions this afternoon and it was in the 60s with the sun shining and just a nice little breeze. I think Spring may make it after all. What do you think?

One of our neighbors has given us some large buckets that he got from Krispy Kreme when his company was doing some re-roofing there. Cool, as they contained food items like glaze, frosting, and other edibles. I am going to try some varieties of heirloom tomatoes in the, to see if we can make some decisions of which ones we want to grow for slicing and eating next year. I have several (too many) different ones to grow and taste and we don’t want to devote our entire growing beds to tomatoes.

Feb. 2014, we went to a compost workshop at our county extension office to see if there was any new info or any specific info for composting in our area. At any rate, I won a compost bin and we were thrilled. We started using it right away and The Farmer has been stirring and turning it, etc. I discovered a lot of beautiful, sweet smelling compost in it this afternoon. I’m excited about that. Our compost pile on the ground is doing well too and should be ready to use this Spring also. Thanks to all our trees, kitchen scraps, and Starbucks coffee grounds for wonderful free soil conditioner and fertilizer.  Don’t you just love “free stuff”?


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